Easter Baking: Dad's Spoof Video Teaches You How To Bake Like A Toddler

Expect mess. A lot of it.

A dad has captured the messy reality of baking with a toddler in a hilarious video.

La Guardia Cross, who films videos on his YouTube channel New Father Chronicles, filmed his daughter making cookies - because when you're baking like a toddler, nothing ever really goes to plan.


Here's how to go about it.

1. Add the flour.

"But don't just add it. Look in the packet, put your finger in there, get it all over your hands."


2. Add the sugar.

"A little bit in the bowl, a little on your lap, and then a bit more on your lap."


3. Get a teaspoon of baking powder.

"Flick it everywhere, apart from in the bowl. Oh, and give it a little taste."


4. Mix it all together.

"Lightly tap the concoction with a spoon, but don't quite mix it together."


5. Voilà.

(If only it was that easy).

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