13/04/2017 10:55 BST | Updated 13/04/2017 11:48 BST

Easter Weekend Weather 2017: UK Met Office Predicts A Cool Bank Holiday

It's going to be brisk.

As many Britons prepare to luxuriate in a whole four days off work, our advice is to do so from the comfort and warmth of indoors.

The Easter break is looking decidedly bleak from a weather perspective… so much so that some higher regions can even expect sprinklings of snow – with sudden hail showers possible too. A polar maritime air mass from Iceland is currently crossing the country, bringing with it blasts of cool air and scattered showers.

From Saturday there will be pronounced cloud across the central part of the UK, with the north experiencing brighter conditions, though it will be cooler and more prone to rain. Wintry showers could see snow putting in an appearance over ground higher than 400m and hail at lower levels, accompanied by the rumbles of thunder. The mercury will just about hit 16/17C in the south, feeling much cooler in the north at 11-13C. Friday evening and overnight could see rainfall, before brightening up for Saturday.

tatyana_tomsickova via Getty Images
It's going to be brisk out there... 

As well as sunny, it’ll be breezy, with showers in the north east and on the east coast, feeling cool in the breeze and with a chance of rural frosts after a chilly night. Sunday will see a split, with cloud across northern areas, perhaps as far south as Manchester. The south will stay mostly dry, with similar temperatures to Saturday.

Monday will see the cold front starting to pass through, with temperatures of up to 16C in the south, with some showers as well as sunny spells. While the warm patches will feel pleasant, the sun is quite strong so you’re best off keeping that sunblock at close hand.

Motorists are being warned to brace for a busy bank holiday weekend, with research rom the RAC suggesting 3.75million cars will be on the road on Easter Sunday.

An RAC spokesperson said: “We’re expecting Easter traffic to peak on Sunday when many families will be heading home after a short seasonal break. Combined with the inevitable day trip traffic we’d expect, this will likely lead to some delays on the road network.

“RAC patrols will be working hard right throughout the long weekend to get those unlucky enough to break down on their way again. But a few quick checks of your car before you set out can drastically reduce the chances of you needing assistance. If you are travelling a long distance it’s best to check that oil and coolant are topped up to the right levels, and having the right amount of screenwash can also keep your view of the road ahead clear. Check your tyres too – especially if you are towing for the first time this year.”