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Eco Instagrammers Who Could Inspire You To Live A More Sustainable Life

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Composting advice. Cutting down on your energy consumption. Crafting a natural skin care routine. What these eco Instagram stars don’t know about upping your sustainability routine probably isn’t worth knowing.

Hit ‘follow’ on this lot, and turn your scrolling into something that’ll spark sustainable living.

Based between San Francisco and Sydney, Anita Van Dyke is a qualified ‘rocket scientist’ with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aeronautical Space. After leaving her corporate job behind, Anita refocused her life and now aims to live as minimally as she can. Expect useful zero waste storage tips alongside practical everyday advice. She’s so knowledgeable she’s even got a book about this stuff.

Following a plant-based diet and specialising in food-based medicine, Rachelle is your go-to for herbal advice. Currently living in New York, she’s is all about eco-friendly habits and experimental recipes.

For sustainable fashion label recommendations, Aarhus-based Florine is one to follow. Utilising her Insta account to document her zero waste lifestyle, she highlights the versatility of vegetables and provides resourceful recipes for everyday.

Founder of the Hey Change Podcast, Anne Therese is a San Francisco-based model with an eco outlook. Offering expert tips and recommendations on travel, living a vegan lifestyle and ethical fashion brands, this account offers an alternative view on conscious consumerism.

How do you pack your lunch? ☺️🌿

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Shia Su describes herself as a vegan, zero waste, palm oil and plastic-free minimalist. She shares aspirational meal prep tips alongside pleasingly organised images. (We recently learned how to dispose of our bamboo toothbrushes and the secret to storing carrots so they just don’t spoil via her account.) Shia’s even got her yearly to landfill rubbish down to fit in one jar, which has got to be ultimate eco goals.

Summer Rayne Oakes is the plant queen of Brooklyn. A qualified environmental scientist and entomologist, she lives a low-waste lifestyle and generally grows and forages for all her food. We follow her for beautiful botanical inspiration (as well as for her gorgeous pet hen, Kippee).

Pot collector. 😂

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