10/11/2016 17:41 GMT

Ed Miliband's Reaction To Donald Trump And Theresa May Meeting Shows How Cool He Can Be

This is all relative.

Since losing last year’s general election, Ed Miliband has drifted away from the stiff, formal Twitter announcements that characterised his Labour leadership into the occasional brutally-honest gem like his latest offering.

At news the President-Elect of the United States has said Theresa May should visit him “as soon as possible”, Miliband didn’t hold back with his view of Donald Trump.

The prime minister and Trump spoke on the phone on Thursday afternoon. No.10 said Trump told May the UK was a “very, very special place” for him and that the relationship was “very important and very special”.

HuffPost UK took a look through his tweeting history for some similar moments of unbridled sentiment.

Just remember, this is all relative.

2) Sticking it to Cameron.

3) Self-deprecating gem.

4) Up yours Nigel.

5) Tabloid tosh.

6) The benefit of hindsight.

7) One day, one day...

Also, here’s reminder of those smouldering eyes in his profile picture.