21/01/2017 11:27 GMT | Updated 21/01/2017 12:04 GMT

Ed Sheeran Looks Seriously Uncomfortable After Refusing To Divulge How He Got *That* Scar On His Face On ‘The Graham Norton Show’

'I can't talk about this.'

It looks like Ed Sheeran has been sworn to secrecy about giving any details surrounding that alleged incident involving Princess Eugenie, a sword and James Blunt’s desire to be ‘knighted’ at a party.

Late last year, it was reported that the 25-year-old singer was left with a gash in his face and in need of hospital treatment after the Royal allegedly swung the ceremonial blade over her shoulder, not realising Ed was behind her.

The incident is said to have happened at a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, after fellow singer and party guest James joked that he would love to be made a Sir.

But Ed looked decidedly uncomfortable during an appearance on Friday night’s ‘Graham Norton Show’ when the host quizzed him about it.

Ed Sheeran

Squirming in his seat, beside fellow guests Matthew McConaughey and Christina Ricci, Ed did not look happy discussing the incident.

Reluctantly, he revealed: “I got cut up, what do you think [points to scar], rugged look?”

As Graham went on to name Eugenie, Ed continued to look visibly uncomfortable, adding: “I can’t talk about this.”

He then joked: “It was James Blunt trying to get his pop career back.”

Ed then insisted he couldn’t talk about what actually happened, and so it was up to Graham to spill the beans.

“I can’t tell the story, but you can say allegedly what happened,” Ed said.

The singer-songwriter went on to say he had no idea how the story got out as “there wasn’t a lot of people there that night”.

Fortunately, Ed has now proved he’s seen the funny side] of the incident, taking to the stage at a fundraiser for East Anglia Children’s Hospices days later, during which he was seen sporting a pretty deep-looking scar on his cheek.

He told the audience: “It’s nice to be back. I’ve had a whole year off. I went to Japan for about a month and hung out with Japanese people. Got my face cut open, anyone read about that?”

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