02/01/2018 11:54 GMT

Edinburgh Pub Named After Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Rebranded As 'The JK Rowling'

But all is not what it seems...

In a mystery worthy of a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ story, a pub named after writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has magically rebranded to become The JK Rowling.

The Conan Doyle pub, in Edinburgh, converted into a mecca for ‘Harry Potter’ fans during Hogmanay - the Scottish New Year’s celebration. 

But the transformation proved to be controversial among locals, who lamented the loss of the original name.   

However, critics will be pleased to hear the pub’s new look is a “temporary transformation”, created as part of a literary festival aimed at championing women writers. 

The Conan Doyle pub was originally named after the ‘Sherlock Homes’ author who was born nearby in 1859. 

Fans of the original pub name took to Twitter after spotting the change on 31 December, with some calling it an “abomination”. 

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Although some on Twitter guessed the name change was a publicity stunt, owners Nicholson’s Pubs refused to lift the lid on the mystery until the new year. 

Event organisers Underbelly have now announced The JK Rowling is part of a festival called Message from the Skies, aimed at celebrating Scotland’s rich literary heritage. 

The pub appears in a story written by author Val McDermid as part of the festival, which champions female writers. 

The story resurrects Scottish writers Susan Ferrier and Muriel Spark, with McDermid pointing out “there are more statues of dogs than there are of women” in Edinburgh. 

Those unimpressed with the pub’s transformation may be pleased to know it will be restored to its previous look by 25 January, when the project ends.