09/06/2017 01:03 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 05:59 BST

Election Results 2017: Emily Thornberry Hailed As 'Queen Of Sass' After Owning David Dimbleby BBC Interview

'She's my new hero.'

Emily Thornberry has been hailed as an “absolute hero” after she completely owned David Dimbleby during a BBC election night interview. 

Following a shock election poll that predicted the Tories would fail to win a majority, it was suggested that Labour could form the next government. 

But after repeatedly responding to questions about how Labour would avoid a “coalition of chaos”, “queen of sass” Thornberry hit back in the best way. 

“Have you been asking any Tory MPs [that] given the situation they’re now in?,” she asked Dimbleby. 

“That they may be in the situation where they are heading for a coalition of chaos?” 

A suitably cowed Dimbleby replied: “Well no, they all say they’re going to have a majority.” 

Delivering her killer blow, Thornberry laughed: “Well, there we are.

“They have been saying that all the time, haven’t they? What was there majority going to be? It was going to be 100 wasn’t it, or 120, or 150 seats. 

“That’s clearly wrong, wasn’t it? “Let’s see what happens,” she added. 

Thornberry, Labour’s foreign secretary, was praised for “wiping the floor with Dimbleby”:  

Earlier in the evening, Thornberry earned similar praise by calling on Theresa May to resign, saying the Prime Minister had “manifestly failed” based on the exit poll. 

She told Sky News: “If this is right I think she should consider her position. “I think she should go because I think she has manifestly failed and secondly, I think that we will see what happens next, but if the Labour Party is called on to provide the next government we will do so.”

In a blog on HuffPost UK on Wednesday, Thornberry called May “tetchy”, “thin-skinned” and “cowardly”. 

“It is hard to imagine a bigger contrast from Jeremy Corbyn,” she wrote.