Emily Thornberry

Labour frontbencher quickly turned criticism from GB News into a slight against the government.
“The whole country’s desperate for an election," the Labour frontbencher said.
The home secretary apologised after allegedly making a comment about his wife at a drinks reception.
The prime minister will fly around the world in the same jet used by the Premier League champions.
"There appears to be an attitude amongst ministers of ‘what I don’t know can’t hurt me’," says Emily Thornberry.
Emily Thornberry backed Keir Starmer over the party's controversial attack advert.
Her comments follow a furious backlash from across the political spectrum.
"British taxpayers have an absolute right to know how much of their money was spent," Emily Thornberry said.
"Frankly, I don’t know where she gets the brass neck," the Labour frontbencher exclusively told HuffPost.
"Gin aside, I love the mix of pumping music and cheering crowds."