Emily Thornberry

Labour frontbencher accused the government of trying to "distract" from "inability to govern".
Suella Braverman attacked her opposite number by claiming her heroes were "Lenin and Corbyn".
She claimed the PM "knows he broke the rules" over the Downing Street gatherings.
"He may say that he humbly apologises but that's not good enough is it?"
Emily Thornberry is the latest shadow cabinet minister to go on the offensive against the PM’s deal
Party's fears over an international pact comes amid condemnation of the regime from Tory backbenchers.
It is the latest gaffe by former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who once referred to Africa as "that country".
Sir Robert Syms shared post that ridiculed Emily Thornberry calling out Abbott's sexism.
Corbyn and McDonnell’s approach may not be shared by their successors.