Emily Thornberry

Shadow foreign secretary rejects suggestion Jeremy Corbyn's successor has to come from outside London.
Shadow foreign secretary denies former Labour MP's claim she said some voters were "stupid".
Caroline Flint says "ardent Remainers" like Thornberry or shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer should not replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.
The Labour Party has suffered its worst election showing for nearly a century, after securing just 203 seats – here are the names being mentioned if Jeremy Corbyn steps aside after four years as Labour leader.
Shadow foreign secretary says party should be ‘ambiguous’ about circumstances for using the Trident deterrent
Exclusive: Joint ticket would balance male-female, Leave-Remain, town-city base of the party. "The Greens make it work".
The information relates to his past in Russia.
Leader gets his way as party votes to delay deciding position on Brexit until after election.
Labour members will decide the party's Brexit policy in a high-drama vote on Monday.
Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry joined HuffPost UK's Paul Waugh to talk about the Labour party's position on Brexit, how she found facing Boris Johnson in the Commons and how she thinks the party should get more women into politics.