Emily Thornberry Says 'Bring On' May Election – And Dismisses Reports Of Tory 'Trap' For Labour

“The whole country’s desperate for an election," the Labour frontbencher said.
Emily Thornberry slammed reports of Tory tax cuts
Emily Thornberry slammed reports of Tory tax cuts
Sky News

Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry laid into the Conservatives on Thursday, demolishing reports about the UK Government laying a “trap” for Labour.

Since chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed the spring budget would be announced on March 6, speculation that a May election is on its way has been rife.

Reports of what might be in the budget – which could be this government’s last fiscal statement before the election – have also been circulating, including suggestions of an inheritance tax cut and help for first time buyers.

There’s also speculation that the Conservatives might try and reduce the amount of money available for spending on public services for a potential future Labour government.

Touching on these reports, Thornberry told Sky News: “I have to say that reading some of this briefing that’s been going on over the last few days kind of says it all.”

She noted: “It’s all about, ‘oh we’re going to set a trap for Labour, oh we’re going to do this,’ trailing they’re going to have this tax cut, and that tax cut, and what will Labour do in response.”

Thornberry continued: “You know, there was a time when governments governed and actually made the right decision for the sake of the country and their first response is not what is best for the Tory Party, what red meat can we give to the backbenchers to stop them rebelling, or what way can we embarrass the Labour Party.

“Frankly it’s about time that we had a government that was prepared to govern, that was willing to make difficult decisions but was going to make those decisions on behalf of the country, on behalf of all of us – and get this country going in the right direction.”

The shadow attorney general also described the possibility of a May general election as “the worst kept secret in parliament”.

Sky News anchor Wilfred Frost asked: “Is Labour’s response, bring it on, or would you rather more time to prepare?”

Thornberry replied: “No no, for heaven’s sake – the whole country’s response is ’bring it on’, isn’t it?

“The whole country’s desperate for an election.

“We’ve really got to get rid of this lot, and we want an opportunity to do so, that’s what people tell me.”


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