Elf On The Shelf Is Officially Back. But It Won't Cost You As Much

The modern Christmas tradition returns for 2019. Already. If you're struggling for ideas, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Good news for prospective Elf on the Shelf adopters: it is back for 2019.

Arriving with a newly designed box-set, the festive tradition for kids is now available at a cheaper price of £16, rather than the usual £20.

The set includes the elf itself, as well as an illustrated children’s book that tells the tale of Santa’s helpers.

If you’re new to the tradition, allow us to explain. Once you “adopt” an elf, it moves around your house throughout December – giving your child a daily dosage of harmless fun finding them in different scenarios.

Elf On The Shelf/HuffPost UK
Elf On The Shelf/HuffPost UK

You can even “register” the elf’s name with the North Pole, as well as receive a personalised letter from Santa. And, as it is a timeless classic, it can be reused time and time again – and become a tradition in your own family to pass on.

You can pick up your new box-set for your little ones at the adoption stores –find your local one here – or online now.

Good luck! (And head to our dedicated Elf on the Shelf ideas page if you’re struggling.)

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