Elizabeth Hurley Says She Felt 'Safe' Filming Erotic Thriller Directed By Her Son

The actor spoke out amid criticism for working with Damian Hurley on the steamy Strictly Confidential.

Elizabeth Hurley says that acting in Strictly Confidential, an erotic thriller directed by her son, felt “liberating.”

In case you missed it, Hurley, who owns a swimwear line, came under fire back in 2018 after revealing that Damian Hurley was the photographer for an array of bikini pictures on her Instagram page.

Now, she’s facing new criticism over their collaboration on some risqué moments in his upcoming film.

But in an Access Hollywood interview released Saturday, Elizabeth Hurley explained why their mother-son work relationship is ideal for her.

“Who likes being photographed in [a] bikini? No one,” Hurley said in the joint interview alongside her son. “It’s relaxing knowing someone’s behind the camera who looks out for you, which was the same on this movie, in a way.”

Hurley shared that his script required her to do things that she hadn’t often done on film before, but said that she felt “safe and looked after” with her son beside her.

She added: “It’s kind of liberating to work with your family. I may do it again.”

The thriller flick, which marks Damian Hurley’s debut feature, follows a woman who seeks to learn the truth about a friend’s suicide on the anniversary of her mysterious death.

A trailer released last month shows Elizabeth Hurley smooching co-star Pear Chiravara during one steamy scene.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Damian Hurley acknowledged that some people have questioned their “controversial” work together, but insisted he and his mom aren’t fazed.

Show business has been a fundamental part of my entire life, so to us it’s just not a thing,” he explained. “It’s part of business.”

“Strictly Confidential, which also stars Lauren McQueen, Freddie Thorp and Genevieve Gaunt, is set for release on April 5.


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