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Emily Blunt Reveals 'A Spoonful Of Sugar' WON'T Be In 'Mary Poppins' Remake

Oscar winner Julie Andrews has given her blessing to the new film.

Emily Blunt may be about to recreate the magic of ‘Mary Poppins’, but there’s going to be at least one significant absence when the new film makes it to screen.

The ‘Girl on the Train’ star was talking to Magic Radio last week when the subject came up of the highly-anticipated remake, set to hit screens in 2018.

The British actress revealed that, despite ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ being her own favourite song from the original film, it WON’T be appearing in the new version, and neither will any of the other timeless numbers.

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Emily Blunt admits she's relieved not to be trying to compete with Julie Andrews

Emily added that the new film will have an all-new soundtrack, explaining:

“Spoonful of Sugar does not exist in our version; it’s all new music! Get over it guys. There’s a new Mary in town.”

Although this will disappoint many fans of the original, Emily was the first to say she herself is quite relieved not to have to live up to the glory of Julie Andrews’ original performance, which brought her an Oscar in 1964.

Emily said: “Hey! No one can out-Julie Julie Andrews, so I’m happy not to do it.”

Julie Andrews won an Oscar for her performance in 1964

Variety reports that producers have decided to place the new film 20 years after the original, which would set it in Depression-era London. Storylines will be taken from bestselling author PL Travers’ books relating further adventures of Mary Poppins and her employers, the Banks family.

Julie Andrews won an Oscar her role in the 1964 original, which saw her flying with an umbrella, having a tea party on the ceiling and sharing wise life lessons with her young charges. The film won four other Oscars, and made $100million at the box office.

In October last year, the veteran actress gave her blessing to the prospect of a remake, telling US show ‘Today’, “I think it’s time.”

Emily Blunt was talking to Magic Radio.

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