Emmanuel Macron's Dog Nemo Wees On Presidential Fireplace During Meeting


Emmanuel Macron’s dog has made his stance on politics fairly clear by peeing on a presidential fireplace.

The black labrador-griffon cross, called Nemo, was caught on camera relieving himself against the fireplace in the French president’s ornate office at the Elysée Palace, where Macron was holding a meeting with ministers.

Upon hearing the trickle, the team turned around to see a brazen Nemo with his leg cocked and started cracking up, before junior minister Julien Denormandie managed to ask: “Does that happen often?”

Macron hastily replied ‘no’, adding: “You’ve triggered completely unusual behaviour in my dog.”

The video, which was captured by French TV station TF1, has been widely shared on social media, with Nemo becoming something of an internet hero.

Turns out this kind of thing isn’t just the unfortunate reserve of French politicians, according to former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who tweeted in solidarity.

Well, when you gotta go...


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