'Emmerdale' Spoiler: Holly Barton Teams Up With Charity Dingle

Will she live to regret it?

Holly Barton has been back in ‘Emmerdale’ for what feels like mere minutes, but things aren’t exactly going well and in next week’s episodes, viewers will see her make the brave decision to team up with charity Dingle.

Sophie Powles began filming her comeback scenes earlier this year, and when her character returns to the Dales after four years away, she brings a number of problems with her.

<strong>Charity and Holly plan a stunt that will take place in the Woolpack</strong>
Charity and Holly plan a stunt that will take place in the Woolpack
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One of them is ex-boyfriend Dean, who Holly owes a lot of money too. Desperate to get her hands on the cash and rid herself of Dean, the youngster hatches a plan.

Sadly, despite Moira’s hopes, Holly’s debt is due to a drugs relapse.

I think what’s happened is that Holly and Dean were going out, and Holly was doing very well in London,2 actress Sophie explains. “Then people she was working with were dabbling in cocaine.

“Holly being Holly thought ‘I’ll be fine now, I’m clean, I’ll be fine with a bit of coke’. But then it turned from cocaine to harder substances and she got herself into a bit of a mess.”

<strong>Holly carries out her part of the plan</strong>
Holly carries out her part of the plan
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She continues: “Holly is desperate to get the money. Then she recalls that she’s heard through people that Charity is very much in love with Cain.

“If Holly can throw some bait out for Charity, will she take it for a price? If Holly offers to split up Cain and Moira? So that’s what she does.”

Charity soon accepts her offer, but there’s a chance she might not follow through with her side of the deal.

<strong>Holly promises to stay clean</strong>
Holly promises to stay clean
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Whatever happens, we’ll see Moira remaining fiercely loyal to her daughter, and resolving to help her - but does Sophie think her character can clean up her act?

“She’s not a bad person or a bitch or mean or nasty,” Sophie insists. “She’s just a girl who’s got this drug addiction that keeps clawing her back in.

“She keeps finding herself in these awful situations that she doesn’t know how to get herself out of.”

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air from Monday 28 March. See all the latest soap news and spoilers here.