'Emmerdale' Spoiler: Val's Flawless Headstone Arrives And It’s Very Val

We didn't expect anything less.

Val Pollard’s headstone is set to arrive in the Dales in this month’s ‘Emmerdale’, and the gathered mourners get a shock when it does.

In typical Val-style, the design she picked before her death isn’t exactly low-key and well… it’s, um… oh just see it for yourself:

We miss Val :(
We miss Val :(
ITV Pictures

It’s quite something, eh?

When the headstone arrives, a number of the villagers are gathered at the cemetery for a short ceremony to celebrate Val’s life.

Needless to say, they get a shock when a crane carrying the gigantic stone piece arrives.

Our thoughts exactly
Our thoughts exactly
ITV Pictures

However, one person who’s missing is Pollard, and David’s left attempting to both find him and stall the ceremony following his no-show. Surely he wouldn’t miss it on purpose?

Elsewhere in the Dales, there’s plenty more drama and Paddy Kirk is set to be left red-faced (and bruised) when Tess’s husband Pierce confronts him in the Woolpack.

Meanwhile, Charity Dingle isn’t about to change her ways, after returning from prison.

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air from Thursday 24 March. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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