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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Ashley Thomas Set For Permanent Move To Care Home


An emotional day is set to arrive in next week’s ‘Emmerdale’, when the time for Ashley Thomas to move into a care home arrives.

It’s been a long time since Laurel faced up the realities of her husband’s dementia, deciding that the car he needs is more than she can offer, but this doesn’t make the day any easier for her.

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Ashley's memory has worsened significantly in recent months 

And on the eve of his move to the home, she’s reminded of the severity of the situation when he lashes out during a family dinner.

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Ashley is shown to his room 

The next day, Laurel, Sandy and Gabby are understandably heartbroken at what is happening, and at one point, Ashley himself totally forgets what is happening.

Once in the home though, he soon becomes comfortable, settling in easily - which only makes for further sadness for his family.

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Ashley’s storyline started months ago, and shortly before Christmas 2016, the soap aired a special episode that showed life from the character’s perspective.

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The former Vicar takes in his new setting 

‘Emmerdale’ bosses were praised for their efforts to raise awareness of dementia, and writing shortly after the special was screened, the Alzhemer’s Society’s Director of Operations, Kathryn Smith, wrote: “The progression of Ashley’s dementia unfolding in front of viewers eyes has been heart-wrenching and, at times, difficult to watch.

“Storylines like these also have the power to make a huge difference and change public perception.”

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air on Friday 10 February. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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