‘Emmerdale’: Cain Dingle And Vicar Harriet Finch Kissed And Wow, Just Wow


‘Emmerdale’ fans may have thought their eyes were deceiving them on Tuesday (28 March) night, but we can confirm that yes, that was Cain Dingle and Vicar Harriet Finch sharing a kiss.

In recent episodes, the pair have seen different sides to one another, and the newfound respect transformed into passion in Tuesday’s show.

Naturally, many fans were left stunned by the kiss:

Earlier this year, the soap’s boss Iain MacLeod revealed that an unlikely duo were set to develop feelings for each other and with this scene, he certainly followed through on that promise.

“If you thought about the most yin and yang characters in the village, it would be them,” he teased back in February. “It’s unbelievably sexy and dangerous and insane – I love it.

“The early phases of that are just coming into the scripts now, so I’m only really just dipping my toe into the water with that at the moment. When it was first suggested, it was the sort of thing that makes you go, ‘Really?!’ And then you kind of go, ‘Yeah, I’m weirdly turned on by that!’

“Honestly, pick the two characters who are least likely to end up in bed together. That kicks off around April time – but this spring and summer, there will be a lot of romance and love in ‘Emmerdale’.”

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