28/09/2017 15:44 BST | Updated 03/10/2017 13:36 BST

'Emmerdale' Spoilers: Robron To Take Centre Stage In Christmas Special

This is the only gift we need 🎄

‘Emmerdale’ boss Iain MacLeod has unveiled plans that will make Robron fans very happy, revealing that an episode focusing on the pair will air on Christmas Day.

Despite their February 2017 wedding, Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden haven’t had the best year - to put it lightly - but it seems they will be spending the festive period together.

Robron's romance has not been a smooth one

Speaking at a press event, Iain told HuffPost UK and other reporters: “There is a big, big episode that goes up out Christmas Day that is pretty much single strand.

“It is probably the weirdest episode that we’ve ever done – and that’s saying something. It’s really out there and it’s the episode I have been most nervous about since I started.”

Iain continued: “[I’m nervous] because of how crackers it is. It’s really entertaining and dramatic and it has a surprise cameo in it. It’s stylistically a bit weird and romantic – it’s great.

“I always view Robert and Aaron as being on opposite ends of a very long piece of elastic and it’s stretched pretty tight and they’re as far away from each other as I am comfortable with them getting.”

When talk turned the couple’s much-anticipated second wedding, Iain revealed that while it won’t take place at Christmas, the big day has been pencilled into his diary. 

“The wedding is definitely still on the cards. Be careful about when you book your summer holidays next year... Basically, I am saying it’s in summer.”

In the nearer future, ‘Emmerdale’ fans are in for a treat next week, when the follow-up to last year’s ‘No Return’ episodes air

While many details of what will take place in the episodes is under lock and key, some (literally) explosive scenes were teased on Tuesday (26 September)

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