‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: James Barton’s Funeral Sees Emma Attempt To Keep Her Secret Under Pressure

Secrets rarely stay private for long in Soapland...

‘Emmerdale’ fans will need the tissues at the ready on Friday (4 November), when the episode featuring James Barton’s funeral airs.

However, it won’t just be sadness that looms over the day, as Emma Barton will crumble under pressure, and it looks like she may reveal her own secret.

<strong>Moira attempts to help the situation... </strong>
Moira attempts to help the situation...
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Gillian Kearney’s character has been doing her best to hold it together, and not reveal that she was responsible for James falling off the bridge.

But when the big day arrives, Emma breaks down in the church and confuses everyone by beginning to apologise.

When Moira later tries to talk to her, Emma snaps and slaps her around the face.

<strong>Oh dear. </strong>
Oh dear.
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Can she keep what really happened on the bridge under wraps?

In the immediate aftermath of the huge crash that caused James’s death, viewers saw Pete Barton question what he was doing on the bridge in the first place.

<strong>Will Emma's family forgive here actions? </strong>
Will Emma's family forgive here actions?
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Emma is also currently hoping Ashley Thomas doesn’t remember seeing her just before crashing his car, though it looks like he’s getting closer to recalling what happened.

While bosses are keeping tight-lipped on exactly what will happen, this is Soapland, where it’s very rare for secrets to stay private for long…

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air on Friday 4 November. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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