‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Pregnancy News Leaves Kerry Stunned

Find out what she decides to do next...

Kerry Wyatt is set for a shock in ‘Emmerdale’ when she discovers she’s pregnant, and viewers will see her struggle to decide what to do next.

Kerry will find out that she’s pregnant after initially self-diagnosing a stomach bug, which she doesn’t question until nausea hits.

<strong>Joanie attempts to comfort her friend </strong>
Joanie attempts to comfort her friend
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Sadly, the baby news won’t bring her joy, as while she’s set to marry Dan, he has no idea that she secretly enjoyed a night of passion with Ross Barton, and there’s every chance the baby could be his.

When Kerry discovers that she’s pregnant, she decides to keep it a secret from Dan, confiding in Joanie and telling her that she plans to get a termination.

<strong>Kerry decides to keep the pregnancy a secret from Dan </strong>
Kerry decides to keep the pregnancy a secret from Dan
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Despite the fact Joanie advises her to be honest with her fiance, Kerry books an appointment at a clinic with the hope of dealing with everything as soon as possible, but she’s dismayed to learn that she has to wait for an appointment to have a scan.

Dan hasn’t exactly been the perfect partner either, but his cheeky kiss with Nicola pales in comparison to Kerry’s night with Ross.

Will she change her mind on what to do as the wait ensues?

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air from Monday 26 September. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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