‘Emmerdale’: Emma And James Barton ‘Misery’ Espisode Leads To Ofcom Complaints

Well... you can't please everyone.

Thursday’s (19 October) jam-packed ‘Emmerdale’ episode may have delighted many viewers - us included - but a small number of TV fans weren’t impressed, and have complained to Ofcom.

The episode was a homage to ‘Misery’ and saw Emma Barton - sporting her wedding dress from the ‘80s - drug James, before killing a chicken, cooking it, and feeding it to her husband, who was tied to a chair.

<strong>James's fight back was relatively brief </strong>
James's fight back was relatively brief
ITV Pictures

When James did finally break free, he whacked her over the head with a wine bottle. See, we told you there was plenty of drama.

Sadly, a grand total of seven viewers seriously didn’t enjoy the scenes and lodged complaints with the broadcasting watchdog.

Digital Spy reports that the seven people stated they did not think the scenes were suitable for the show’s 7pm slot, and a spokesperson from Ofcom tells the website: “We will assess these complaints, before deciding whether to investigate or not.”

It’s been a huge week for ‘Emmerdale’ and the drama continues with two episodes tonight (Thursday 20 October), which will see four separate storylines come together when a gigantic car crash takes place.

On Friday (21 October), we will then bid farewell to at least one much-loved character.

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