11/08/2017 17:46 BST

‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Soap Boss Teases Autumn 2017 Drama, Promising ‘Intense And Unmissable’ Week Of Action

And we cannot wait 🙌

‘Emmerdale’ boss Iain MacLeod has teased what fans can expect from the soap this autumn, confirming that another action-packed October week is the works.

In 2016, the soap aired a special set of episodes, which saw the story of a car crash - which saw the death of James Barton - told in an unusual nonlinear style.

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Last year's drama included this genius 'Misery'-inspired episode 

Speaking at a press event on Friday (11 August), Iain revealed that the soap’s team are currently planning another landmark week - though they won’t be attempting to recreate the huge car crash stunts.

He told HuffPost UK and other reporters that the action will be “based around the storyline and events kicked off in the big week last year” adding: “It was tempting for a little while to try and top last year’s spectacle but it gets to a point where you’ve done that and you can’t keep going one bigger without looking a bit ridiculous.

“This year will be very different but equally exciting in many different aspects. There will be action sequences but the action will be focused on a much smaller group of characters.

“It’s going to be intense and unmissable but I can’t divulge any more details at this stage.”

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Iain MacLeod

Iain’s comments appear to hint that the Bartons could be at the centre of it all, and we already know that Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma, is set to leave this year.

Meanwhile there will also be some new arrivals, with ex-’EastEnders’ star Ned Porteous making his debut in the coming months, along with a familiar face from ‘Downton Abbey’.

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