08/08/2017 07:01 BST

‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Pete Barton And Leyla Harding’s Wedding Day Arrives - But Will They Make It Up The Aisle?

Pete Barton and Leyla Harding’s big day arrives in next week’s ‘Emmerdale’, but will the actually end up getting hitched?

Things have been far from easy for the pair (mainly because of Pete’s affair with Priya…) and as the day approaches, both the bride and groom start to have doubts.

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Pete has last-minute doubts 

With none of the preparation going to plan, Leyla starts to worry that the wedding will be a washout which leads Priya to step in and reassure her everything will be fine.

Confident that Priya does want the best for him and Leyla, Pete then begins to relax. However, more stress isn’t far away and he ends up having to tell Adam the truth about his secret trysts.

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Leyla with Priya 

As their hen and stag parties approach, Leyla also starts to have jitters and panics that she might have rushed things.

When the morning of the wedding arrives, a guilt-stricken Priya attempts to help her pal get ready, while Pete becomes determined to admit the affair to his wife-to-be.

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Leyla then pauses just before making her way to the altar, which prompts a serious bout of nerves from Pete, who leaves the room and makes a big decision - will he call off the wedding?

Or perhaps Leyla will be the one to decide she can’t go through with it? Watch this space…

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