24/04/2017 10:31 BST

‘Emmerdale’: Rhona Goskirk Actress Zoe Henry Explains Why She Won’t Let Her Daughter Watch Upcoming Rape Scene

'This is why soaps are relevant. We tell important stories about relevant things.'

Zoe Henry has explained why she won’t be letting her daughter watch an upcoming ‘Emmerdale’ episode, which features a scene in which her character Rhona Goskirk is raped.

Rhona will be attacked by her new husband Pierce Harris on their wedding day, and the actress understandably thinks it would not be appropriate for her kids, including her 12-year-old daughter, to watch the episode.

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The attack will take place on their wedding day 
This isn't the first time Pierce has forced himself on his partner 

“When I read it, I found it quite shocking,” she said. “I didn’t imagine that the story would go to where it’s gone to.

“When we rehearsed it, which we don’t normally, I did air my concerns about how brutal some of the stuff we were doing was. I asked: ‘Are we going to be able to show all of this?’

“Our director said: ‘We can’t half-tell this story. You can’t cut it down or make it less brutal, because what he’s done is brutal and awful.

“If we don’t tell it properly, then we’re not doing our jobs right’. So that’s why it’s so awful to watch.”

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