‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Here Are All The Storylines You Need To Know This Week

From Ashley Thomas's disappearing act, to Aaron Dingle's prison troubles.

‘Emmerdale’ fans will have plenty to talk about in the coming weeks, as one character toys with the idea of saying goodbye to the village, while another fears her biggest secret will be out.

Elsewhere in the Dales, a member of the Dingle family will reveal psychic abilities - yes, really - while there’s further heartache ahead for Ashley Thomas’s loved ones.

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And with so much going on, it can be tough to keep up, but fear not - we’ve got everything covered and can now reveal the key developments happening in the next few weeks.

These twists and turns will all take place from Monday 20 March, and for everything else that’s happening, check out our dedicated ‘Emmerdale’ news and spoilers page here.

So without further ado, here’s everything to watch out for next week…

Ashley Thomas

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Ashley’s storyline has become increasingly heartbreaking in recent weeks and this all starts when a group of his pals smuggle him out of the care home to cheer up Sandy. Laurel is pleased to see her husband relaxing at home, wearing his cassock and spending time with his kids.

However, it all goes pear-shaped when Jimmy King and Bob Hope return Ashley to the home, as - still dressed in his cassock - he simply walks out of the door. Last December’s one-off episode gave us a glimpse into how disorientating dementia can be, and coping alone won’t be easy for the former vicar.

Carly Hope might leave the Dales behind

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Carly leaves the Hope family stunned when she fails to help April, who is choking on a sweet. Marlon rushes to his daughter’s aid, but Carly’s lack of action doesn’t go unnoticed. Wracked with guilt, Carly will then secretly plot to leave - but will Marlon find out her plan? And can he stop her if he does?

Emma Barton’s biggest secret could (finally) be revealed

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On a lighter note, Faith Dingle will reveal that she has psychic powers, and quickly put plans into place for a group reading in the Woolpack. This leaves Emma - who is still hiding the fact she was responsible for James Barton’s death - panicked, and she rushes off to the church where she prays for forgiveness.

Under the impression that she’s alone, Emma begins thinking aloud, at which point she hears a noise from the confession box.

Later, at the pub, Faith appears to be “channelling” James’s spirit - but did she just overhear Emma? Surely she can’t actually be psychic…?

It’s Harriet vs Cain

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Harriet is set for a confrontation with the scariest member of the Dingle family, when she catches him stealing phones in the church. When he fails to hand them over, Harriet grabs them out of his hands, but bosses are keeping tight-lipped on whether she actually shops him to the police or not.

Aaron Dingle’s prison stint continues

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Aaron has been in prison for a month now, but his stay isn’t getting any easier, and it’s clear to see the effect life behind bars is having on him. Next week, Aaron will promise Chas that he hasn’t been taking drugs, but little does he know, Robert Sugden has a secret of his own…

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