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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Robron Actors Danny Miller And Ryan Hawley Tell Us Everything They Can About The Wedding

And the show's producer Iain MacLeod has dished the dirt too.

Monday’s (20 February) ‘Emmerdale’ is set to include the moment many fans have been waiting for, as the Robron wedding finally begins.

While bosses are keeping exact plot details under wraps, we had the chance to grill Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley, alongside the soap’s executive producer Iain MacLeod, who all revealed as much as they can.

We already know the wedding itself will be a surprise for Aaron Dingle, as Robert Sugden arranges it ahead of Aaron’s upcoming sentencing, following the incident with Finn Barton and Kazim, but there’s still plenty we’re yet to find out. 

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Both actors are pleased with the wedding itself

Ryan described the ceremony as a “comfortable family affair”, while speaking of the decision for the nuptials to take place in the Woolpack, Danny said: “It’s great it was done in an environment where Robert and Aaron are so familiar with and it was so intimate as well, which I think is fitting for both characters.”

And not bothered by the fact it isn’t *technically* legal

The speed at which Robert organises the ceremony, which (if all goes to plan) will be conducted by Vicar Harriet, means the couple won’t actually be legally wed. This isn’t something Ryan and Danny are too bothered about though, and they don’t think their characters would care much either.

“It doesn’t matter to them or anyone else attending the wedding, it’s more about celebrating their relationship,” Ryan said. “The love they have for each other, it’s like a private thing for them both.”

Danny added: “They don’t need a piece of paper to define that they’re married. They’re both there and committed to each other…so no, I don’t think it’s a problem.”

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Aaron ends up in the boot of the car, just before Robert's planned ceremony

Iain felt under pressure from devoted Robron fans

“You’d have to be a robot not to feel some sort of pressure from the Robron fans,” he said. “They are so passionate so loyal. They will hunt me down and beat me to death, if we didn’t pay off what they wanted!

“Part of good drama is to understand want the audience wants and make them wait for it, and not necessarily give them the easiest root from A to B.

“Robert and Aaron have survived a hell of a lot of challenges over the years and it will continue to be like that but I think, ultimately, whatever happens I feel that they are the love of each others’s lives and I kind of believe that.

“Whatever else might happen, the long term destination will eventually see them coming back together [despite] whatever they go through.

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There’s a seriously romantic thinking behind the somewhat crowded wedding decorations

The Woolpack is seriously packed with an eclectic mix of decorations and flowers by the time the ceremony starts, but Danny has revealed the thinking behind it.

“The idea of it as well, it’s supposed to be they know Aaron is going to prison it’s going to be a while, so he’s going to miss all these seasons, which is why they cram them all of the seasons into one. All these Halloween and Christmas decorations, you know, tacky stuff, makes an appearance.”

Aaron’s imprisonment doesn’t mean the end of Robron

Sadly, we all know that Thursday’s (23 February) episode will see Aaron sent to prison with a 12-month sentence, but Iain was keen to reiterate that this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Danny’s character anymore. In actual fact, Danny will have a number of big storylines to get his teeth into.

“What we didn’t want to do, and what sometimes happen in a soap, is put a popular character behind bars and then you never see them,” he explained. “And occasionally people come back and say: ‘I’ve just been to see Aaron, he looks alright.’

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The couple share a kiss later in the week - but are they married at this point? 

“We just thought we shouldn’t shy away from what it’s like, obviously Aaron’s experiences with jail are numerous and complicated, and we’ll be touching upon the fact that Gordon took his own life in jail and that has its own, hopefully quite surprising effect, on how Aaron is able to cope in there.”

Robert is going try to step up big time when Aaron goes to jail

When the question of whether Robert might seek revenge on Kasim for seeing him locked away, Ryan replied: “Robert needs to stay out of trouble, the main thing is Aaron, making sure he doesn’t have anything else to worry about while he’s in prison.

“Taking care of everything at work, scrap yard, Liv, the house, and all of that [so] Aaron doesn’t have to worry about it.”

“I’m [Robert] trying to prove to him I’m a straight-laced guy now, I love you and I’m here to support you. [Revenge] wouldn’t fit or support that.”

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The Dingles at the wedding 

Danny’s excited to see what fans think of the episodes

“I don’t think they’ll expect this,” he said, adding that he wants fans to remember how quickly Robert is trying to make the wedding happen, before concluding: “There’s some real intimate moments which, I think it’s fair to say both of us felt on the day. I think if they take all of that into consideration that they’ll enjoy it.”

There could be ANOTHER Robron wedding(!)

Even if they reach the end of this service, the pair won’t legally be hitched, and producer Iain revealed this means another big day could be held, admitting: “A little sneaky part of me thought we could have two bites of the cherry here possibly.

“It also gets quite intimate and heartfelt, and the chaos makes way for a very intimate, very delicate and very honest improvised [day] that’s super heartfelt,” he said. “The vision was to go quite bonkers with it and inflict something on them that they’d never choose.”

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