25/01/2017 11:20 GMT

‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Sarah Sugden Cancer Storyline Revealed, As Debbie Dingle Returns To The Village

The role was recast just weeks ago.

Debbie Dingle had some serious news to share in ‘Emmerdale’ on Tuesday (24 January) night, revealing that her 11-year-old daughter Sarah Sugden has cancer.

The young mum made a dramatic return to the Dales, with thugs she had stolen money from tailing her to the village.

Sarah Sugden 

The Dingles rallied around to help Debbie find the £50,000 to pay them back, before she then revealed why she stole it in the first place, telling her mother charity that it was for lifesaving treatment for Sarah.

The role of Debbie’s eldest child was recast earlier this month, with an older actress, Katy Hill, taking over from Sophia Amber Moore, who had played Sarah since 2007.

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Debbie made a dramatic dash back to the village 

At the time, a spokesperson for the show stated: “Due to the nature of the storyline the character of Sarah Sugden has been recast for an older actress.”

The coming episodes will hopefully see Sarah’s road to recovery begin while Debbie catches up on the many (many) things that have gone on since her exit.

There’s also plenty of drama to come, as it’s been suggested that a female character will be killed off within weeks.

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