06/07/2018 11:56 BST | Updated 06/07/2018 17:24 BST

England Vs Sweden: This Is How The Nation Feels About Saturday's World Cup Match

Is it coming home?

England’s dramatic penalty shoot-out win over Colombia on Tuesday was emotional - to say the least - and now, only Sweden stand between the team and a place in the World Cup semi-finals. 

So, how is the nation feeling about it? Ahead of the match on Saturday, HuffPost UK asked people around Birmingham whether they’ll be watching the game and crucially, what they think the outcome will be.

Scott Swallow, 41, who lives in Ward End, is looking forward to the match and is confident about England’s chances. 

“We’re 100% going to win, it should be laugh shouldn’t it?” he says. “I’ll be watching it in any pub on Broad Street. Overall, I think England will get to the finals, then lose - it’s Brazil isn’t it? Sadly, I don’t think they’ve got a chance at winning it.”

HuffPost UK
Scott Swallow

Charmaine Smith, 36, who lives in the suburb of Erdington, will be watching the game on Saturday at home with her three children. 

“I’m very excited, it’s been a long time coming for England to do well,” she says. “I think we’ll probably lose 2-0 though, but I’m hoping I’m wrong!” 

HuffPost UK
Charmaine Smith

Emma Strawford, who lives in Bartley Green, is more confident about England’s chances and will be watching the match at home with her partner and children. 

I loved the last game, it was really exciting,” the 35-year-old says. “Hopefully we’ll win again, at least our bad luck has gone and we’ve got through penalties now. I think it will be 3-2 to England.”

HuffPost UK
Emma Strawford

Like Emma, Rahim Charache, who lives near Birmingham city centre, has caught football fever after England’s last dramatic win and plans to tune in to the next game at home. 

“It was a very good ending,” the 50-year-old says. “I’m looking forward to the next match. I think the score might be a draw.” 

HuffPost UK
 Rahim Charache

James Nash, 19, is the only person who told us he isn’t particularly excited about the match. James is from Switzerland, but is in Birmingham for the week visiting family and plans to watch the match in a local pub with his cousin.

“I’m fairly indifferent to the game on Saturday because Switzerland got kicked out in their last game, I’m not too happy about that,” he says. “But I hope England do well and I hope they best Sweden, who kicked us out. I think the score will be 2-1 to England - hopefully.” 

HuffPost UK
James Nash

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