Baz Luhrmann Erdem x H&M: Take A Glimpse Behind-The-Scenes Of 'The Secret Life Of Flowers'

Squad, outfit and manor #goals 👀

The long-awaited Erdem x H&M collection was showcased on 18 October in LA, with a striking accompanying video by Baz Luhrmann called ‘The Secret Life Of Flowers’.

Now, the team behind the collaboration has revealed a behind-the-scenes video to keep audiences dreaming of eerily beautiful mansions and ethereal floral garbs.


The collection was well-received and has already been spotted on celebrities including Alexa Chung and Zendaya.

The aesthetic is a nod to high-low styling, one of 2017′s most prominent trends, and features prints and patterns synonymous with autumnal dress: animal, plaid, gingham and teed.

Not to mention Erdem’s signature floral motifs, which elevate the high-street garments.

Luhrman explained that fashion is integral to character building as “clothing is the very beginning of the DNA of who a character is”.

In case you missed the original narrative, in which a group of pretty young things are seen frolocking around a stately home with a “Miss Havisham” character in affordable couture, you can watch the video below.

“It’s a metaphor that out there in the world there’s a bit of a storm coming,” Luhrman explained.

“Winter is coming. It’s harsh out there and here in Reddham Gardens the things that really matter are kept growing in an eternal spring.”


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