The Ergobaby Carrier Helped Both My Babies Sleep Anywhere, So I Could Get On With Life

It's a soother and allows you to hold them with two hands free.

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If I had to choose one necessary baby purchase above all others, it would be this: the ergobaby carrier. A soother, a sleep device, a way to hold your child close yet have two hands free – it’s pretty much the answer to all your needs.

Before my first son was even out of the womb, I was pretty certain a carrier, or sling, as it’s called in our house, would be a must-have. A story from my own family goes along the lines that to stop herself going deaf from my high-pitched wails (the clue is in the awful nickname they gave me: Madame Screechalot), my mother wore me in the “papoose” nearly all the time. The minute I was plonked in that thing, apparently, the only sound to emanate from my gummy mouth was a single, contented sigh. As photos attest, I was not a slender baby, but my mum soldiered on with my chubby body glued to her - housework, hikes, holidays, who knows what else.

I had a strong feeling this disposition was likely to be genetic, so I put a lot of research into baby carriers. The ergobaby seemed to have it all - it held them in the right position (that’s the M position - good for the hips), it had handy pockets and a sun shade, a lovely cocoon for when they are newborn, it looked sturdy, and also - distributed the weight nicely for the person carrying bub.

The carrier lived up to the promises. It’s comfy for both of you, and you can wear it for ages – a five-hour shopping/art gallery trip (with some strategic nappy change/feeding breaks) or for the majority of a long-haul flight – without breaking your back. Really. You can hang things off it - muslins, an umbrella, some light shopping. And when they’re small you can still wrap them into your coat if its cold and do it up - the absolute ultimate in cosiness. The genetic trait also lived up to its promises (read: fears). I can’t count the number of times “Fetch the sling!” has been shouted over unexplained cries (ours and theirs).

Some things the product descriptions never mention but should: those lovely thick straps will also work as a teething aid, the sun shade doubles as a feeding cover, or an emergency muslin, and you can shove the whole thing in the washing machine. You will walk millions of miles with your baby in it - beautiful, serene walks yes, but also mind-numbing laps of your living room for hours on long, long nights. It will turn you into a superhero - you will cook meals with your infant strapped to you, carry ridiculous amounts of stuff … including perhaps another child, read books over the baby’s head because you only just got them to sleep and can’t move, or somehow breastfeed your child in it whilst in a bank queue (not entirely sure I advise this one).

There will be less screaming, but there will be a lot of audible sighs. And a big one when it’s finally time to hang it up, too.

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