EU Referendum Polls Show Brexit Campaign In The Lead

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Brexit campaign has taken the lead in the EU referendum, according to two polls published on Tuesday.

According to two Guardian/ICM surveys, one conducted by phone and one online, voters are leaning 52% -48% towards 'Leave'.

In the phone poll, 45% of those asked said they backed Brexit and 42% wanted to remain - 13% said they did not know.

And in the online poll, 47% said they wanted to leave the EU and 44% wanted to remain - 9% said they were undecided.

Once the undecideds were removed both polls showed 'Leave' ahead 52% -48%.

ICM’s director Martin Boon told The Guardian the survey "unhinges a few accepted orthodoxies".

“It is only one poll, but in a rather unexpected reverse of polling assumptions so far, both our phone poll and our online poll are consistent on both vote intentions and on the EU referendum, " he said.

The polls were released as Boris Johnson and the campaign to Leave the EU was accused of indulging in “fantasy politics” after making more than £100 billion in spending commitments it is unlikely to meet.

Leading figures backing ‘Brexit’ today said they want powers back from the EU to scrap VAT on fuel to help the poorest households - warning British politicians are powerless to scrap the “unfair and damaging” tax while Britain remains in the EU.

But the rival Stronger In campaign responded by arguing the claims ring hollow since the Vote Leave has made £111bn in spending promises - more than ten times the net £10bn saving they claim would be made on a ‘Yes’ vote.