EU Referendum Results: Young 'Screwed By Older Generations' As Polls Suggest 75% Backed Remain

'Thanks, Granny'.

An age breakdown of EU Referendum polling shows young voters overwhelmingly supported Remain while older people backed Brexit, leading to claims that baby boomers were "screwing the younger generations over yet again".

75% of people aged 18-24 claimed they voted for Remain in the YouGov survey after voting closed, a figure that falls as age increases.

In comparison, just 39% of those aged 65 and over backed a vote to stay, causing commenters to say it was "infuriating" that "young people.. have a future without the EU and it's one they don't want".

Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, told the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme on Friday morning that it was "sad" that Britain's young people didn't vote for Brexit or want it, pointing out that the majority of the remain vote came from future generations.

The average life expectancy of someone who voted Brexit is far lower than a Remain voter, according to a CNN journalist citing apparent YouGov and ONS data, meaning that "those who must live with the result of the EU Referendum the longest want to remain".

Boris Johnson earlier sought to reassure young voters who have been made “anxious” at the referendum result, saying “Young people who may feel that this decision in some way involves pulling up a drawbridge or any kind of isolationism, I think the very opposite is true."

Intercept journalist Murtaza Hussain said the age breakdown showed "Older generation voted for a future the younger don't want."


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