Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Mattress

Thinking of comfy mattresses makes us wish we were in bed right now

A good bed is everything. We’re pretty sure someone famous said that.

Anyway, it’s true. Especially when we consider that we spend around 25 years of our lives sleeping.

While everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect, inviting bed - whether that means a minimalist oasis or a minimum of 12 throw pillows to sink into - we can all agree one one thing. The mattress makes the bed.

Here’s five top tips that’ll ensure sure you’re starting out with the best possible foundation for an incredible night’s sleep

Size Matters
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If you're looking for a mattress with your significant other, remember that your sleep will be affected if you're on top of one another in a standard double bed, or if you have kids piling in with you in the early hours. Where possible, go bigger.

You should be close enough so that you can reach the other person, but if they change positions, you shouldn't be aware of their movements.
Don't Forget Temperature
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"Choose a mattress that allows for adequate thermal control," says Gannon. "In winter, you want something to insulate the bed and insulate you, and in the summer, you want something that will aid in keeping you cool. You also want to make sure to choose a breathable mattress."
It's All About The C-Word
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It all comes down to personal preference: spring or foam, firm or soft, thick or thicker... And at the end of the day, comfort - whatever that is for you - is key.

So pick a mattress where you feel well-supported and comfortable. And enjoy a good night's sleep.
Mattresses Need Replacing, Too
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Even when you've found the right mattress, it's not for life. Mattresses should be swapped every 8-10 years, although wear-and-tear marks like dips and indentations may be a sign it's time to change yours. If you're unsure, try lying on a new mattress and seeing if you feel a big difference between the two.

Another reason you don't want to delay replacing your mattress if it's time to? You have company on there. Older mattresses are a favourite residence of dust mites, who feed on dead skin, and also host bacteria and mould, which can cause skin rashes, allergies and infections. Yuck.
You Need To Really Lie On It
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According to Joseph Gannon, Sleep Psychologist at the Sleep Disorders Clinic, most people test mattresses for a grand total of about five minutes. Spoiler alert: this isn't enough time to determine if you feel really comfortable and will want to sleep on it for hours, night after night.

"Lie on there for 20-30 minutes. Change positions. Assume the positions you'll move into while sleeping - lying on your back or your side," advises Gannon.

Even better: why not try sleeping on one and seeing how you like it? With sleep experts TEMPUR®, you can test-drive a mattress as part of the brand's 100 night money back guarantee. Just place an order before 1 November, 2016 to enjoy the TEMPUR® in your home for 100 nights - and see how the Tempur material absorbs and minimises motion for a better night's sleep.