Best Fitness Classes In London: A 360 Video Tour

Behold A 360 Video Tour Of London's Best Fitness Classes

Trying out a new fitness class can be, quite frankly, intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.

Luckily for you, we’ve tried some of the hottest - and sweatiest - classes in London, and filmed them in 360 so you can explore them before even leaving the couch.

Velocity at Core Collective

The Kensington gym might look pretty from the outside. But inside at the Velocity session you’ll be put through your paces by an army of beautiful, lithe, Instagram-star trainers, who’ll provide all the motivation you need to survive the class.

The session is a simple circuits class; you’ll spend 45 minutes working round each station, interspersed with more brutal floor work.

Prepare to feel pain. Lots of it.

Cost: £28

Vinyasa Flow at Hotpod Yoga

Stepping into ‘the pod’ is a world away from the gritty railway arches that greet you on the way into this east London studio. With an almost womb-like feel, the yoga takes place in a sort of upside-down bouncy castle. It’s a dark, purple oasis heated to 37 degrees and, unlike other classes of a similar nature, Hotpod smells delightful. Let your mind relax and unwind and your body do the hard work as you’re guided through numerous vinyasa sequences.

Just make sure you bring a towel.

Cost: £14

Dynamic Pilates at Heartcore

The St John’s Wood studio is reason enough to attend this full body workout. Using a reformers machine as well as hand weights and a pilates ring, every muscle is worked hard. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is easy - it’s not. Held in a converted church, pick the morning class and your session will be flooded with natural light which streams through the arched windows. With one wall lined with full length mirrors, you’ll be able to make sure you’ve got the right posture - we’ll leave that up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing.

Cost: £27

Disco Barre at The Refinery

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a novelty class. There is nothing novel about Sophie Ritchie’s signature barre class which leaves your thighs shaking and your head nodding to some of the best music outside Studio 54. The disco ball-lit studio and beautiful surroundings of this boutique Hackney gym are almost enough to forget your trembling quads.


Cost: £16

Dance at Pure Ride

If you’re a fan of hardcore spins classes, Pure Ride in Moorgate is for you. If you’re a fan of novelty spin classes that provide a workout disguised as exercise, Pure Ride is also for you. Their high intensity performance class was developed by none other than Sir Chris Hoy himself and works your legs so hard you might want to cry. The dance class is less intense and far more fun, incorporating hand weights and Michael Jackson style moves. The studios are immaculate and the bikes brand new. Whether you’re a spin veteran or a complete newbie, these classes cater to everyone.

What’s not to like?

Cost: £16

Rumble at 1Rebel

Sweaty, pulsating, dark; no it’s not a nightclub, it’s the Rumble class at the trendy 1Rebel Broadgate gym. If you hate mindlessly working the treadmill, then this workout, which requires you to engage muscles and brain, hits the spot.

The high-intensity boxing class allows you to pummel, punch and punish your way through 45 minutes, accompanied by your very own bag and a pumping soundtrack. You know it’s hardcore when doing the plank feels like a walk in the park. This isn’t for the faint-hearted - but it’s great for releasing all that pent up anger.

Cost: £20