Experts Predict The Most Popular Travel Destinations Of 2024

From Slovenia to Guadalajara, here's where tourists will be heading next year.

Year after year, travellers flock to destinations like Paris, Cancun and London. While these locations are popular for a reason, there are plenty of other emerging spots to draw more tourists in the future.

With that in mind, we asked experts in the travel space to share their predictions for next year’s trending travel destinations. Keep scrolling for 27 countries, cities, islands and other locales to inspire your next vacation.

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“Slovenia is starting to hit travelers’ radars as a destination with all the charms of a European vacation destination ― cobblestone villages, great wine, historic architecture, friendly locals ― without the over-tourism plaguing many of Europe’s hotspots,” said Tara Cappel, founder and CEO of FTLO Travel. “It’s also significantly less expensive than France, Italy or Croatia, which will be particularly appealing as the global economy cools next year.”

Hiking through stunning scenery, relaxing on the lake and visiting an epic cave castle are just some ways you fill your itinerary in Slovenia.
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“Before the COVID outbreak, Vietnam was a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia,” said Erick Prince, a travel blogger and founder of Minority Nomad. “With the situation in the region improving, Vietnam is positioning itself as a must-visit destination again.”

He noted that the country has invested heavily in new airports and just received its own Michelin guide highlighting 103 restaurants and awarding stars to four of them.

“Vietnam offers a rich tapestry combination of history, culture, and cuisine that makes this Southeast Asian gem a top choice,” said Sam Seward, managing director of Exodus Adventure Travels. “Considering it remains one of the more affordable destinations within Southeast Asia, travelers to Vietnam have an opportunity to put more of a focus on deep experiences without having to worry as much about day-to-day costs.”
Guadalajara, Mexico
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“Mexico City has hit well beyond its saturation point in recent years, in part due to a flux of digital nomads,” said Gabby Beckford, a travel expert and founder of Packs Light. “The good thing is that Americans are starting to see how much the interior of Mexico has to offer. I think Guadalajara will be a hot destination in 2024! It offers the urban charm of Ciudad de Mexico but has retained a more local charm (and price point).”

Delicious foods, artisan crafts, historical architecture, exciting events and warm people abound in this capital of the Jalisco region.

“And, of course, an activity that should be on every traveler’s bucket list: the Jose Cuervo Tequila Train that connects Guadalajara to the neighboring tourist-friendly town of Tequila,” Beckford added.
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
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“Carmel-by-the-Sea has been a favorite destination for Californians looking for a quiet beach escape for many years, but new, exciting openings are putting it on the map for travelers from all over who love food, wine, and stunning coastal views,” said Lauren Whatley, creator of The Lo Down. “Chez Noir made Esquire’s list of the best new restaurants in America, and earlier this year, it was awarded a Michelin star.”

She also highlighted the notable accommodations in the area, like La Playa and the newer Villa Mare.

“While you’re in town, visit one of the nearly 20 wine-tasting rooms within a 1 square mile radius, and take a walk along Scenic Road for seriously jaw-dropping views,” Whatley added.
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“For travelers on the hunt for a more unique destination in 2024, there has been significant spike in bookings in Tromsø, Norway,” said Madison Pietrowski, director of Brand U.S. at GetYourGuide. “In 2023, Tromsø didn’t break through GetYourGuide’s top 50 internationally booked cities, but it’s already sitting in the top 10 for 2024.”

She noted that Trosmø’s claim to fame is the Northern Lights.

“According to NASA, next year is shaping up to be one of the best for astrological events, from a solar eclipse to multiple meteor showers, so I think many travelers hope to add this magical light show to a year full of stargazing,” Pietrowski explained. “But Trosmø has even more to offer, from dog sledding to whale watching, making it the perfect place for an Arctic adventure.”
South Africa
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“Imagine waking up to the sight of a lion prowling in the distance or sipping world-class wine while overlooking verdant vineyards. That’s South Africa, a country that’s as diverse as it is beautiful,” said travel blogger Sean Lau.

He noted that cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg provide a great combination of history, culture and modern attractions. But you can also travel beyond the urban centers for breathtaking sights.

“From the mesmerizing landscapes of the Table Mountain National Park to the rich wildlife in the Kruger National Park, every day in South Africa is an adventure,” Lau said.
Outaouais, Quebec
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“I predict more travelers will plan getaways to Outaouais, the region of Quebec located about an hour’s drive north from Ottawa,” said travel expert and author La Carmina. “It’s home to one-of-a-kind nature experiences like Parc Omega, a wildlife park with self-driving adventures that let you get close to (and feed!) Canadian bison and deer.”

She recalled waking up to see a wolfpack on the other side of her window.

“I also loved soaking in the steamy outdoor baths at Outaouais’ Nordik Spa-Nature, the largest thermal spa in North America that reminds me of the vibe at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon,” she added.
Menorca, Spain
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“Filled with fewer tourists than its sister island Majorca, Menorca is a picture-perfect destination off the coast of Spain,” said travel blogger Rocky Trifari. “This Balearic Island is known for its beaches, USECO-listed biosphere reserve and Bronze Age structures. Menorca has a peaceful and relaxed island vibe and it is undoubtedly quieter than some of the nearby islands.”

He predicts this quieter island will rise higher on people’s travel lists with its mostly untouched coastline, charming local shops and top-notch food and wine offerings.
Benguerra Island, Mozambique
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“Travelers often seek relaxing destinations to round off their exciting adventures in southern Africa with fun in the sun,” said Kareem George, a travel adviser and founder of Culture Traveler. “Mozambique, and Benguerra Island in particular, provides an idyllic escape to reset and refresh following a safari or busy sightseeing in one of southern Africa’s metropolitan centers.”

Expect relaxing beaches, sunset cruises and plenty of water activities if you visit this tranquil island.
Tirana, Albania
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“Europe will continue to be a hotspot in 2024, especially Italy and Ireland,” said Annette Richmond, creator of Fat Girls Traveling. “However, more travelers are hoping to escape the crowds by visiting countries like Albania and North Macedonia.”

Indeed, Albania is not on everyone’s radar, at least not yet. That’s why a place like Tirana can be an ideal destination for those seeking something different.

“Most people have yet to discover it, but flights and tourism infrastructure are in place, and there are fewer crowds in comparison to trending European destinations like Italy, Greece or Portugal,” said Laura Lindsay, global travel trends expert at Skyscanner. “The beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera and cheaper cost of living make it a great budget summer destination. Albania has historic cities for exploring and a burgeoning festival scene, with events taking their spot throughout the global music calendar.”
Salta, Argentina
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“With diverse landscapes, fabulous food, and a cosmopolitan vibe, Argentina is more popular than ever,” Cappel said. “Travelers most often flock to Buenos Aires or Patagonia, but in 2024, I think travelers looking for more authenticity and local connection are going to head to explore the rugged landscapes in the north of the country.”

She touted the region’s beautiful landscapes, amazing outdoor activities and strong indigenous tradition with opportunities to support local communities.
British Virgin Islands
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“The BVI is only a three-hour flight from the U.S., and I think it’s going to become a more popular Caribbean destination for Americans in 2024,” Beckford said. “You can visit the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands in the same trip which makes it a lovely two-for-one adventure.”

She felt very safe as a solo female traveler after visiting in February of this year and enjoyed lots of tasty food.

“Once everyone finds out that they have an annual Lobster Fest on the island of Anegada, I expect hoards of American seafood lovers like me,” Beckford added.
Wroclaw, Poland
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“While Wroclaw has been stuck in the shadow of more popular destinations in Poland like Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk, I predict 2024 will see it gain in popularity, especially amongst budget-conscious travelers,” Prince said. “Wroclaw offers some of the region’s best cuisine, nightlife and gnome hunting at extremely reasonable prices, offering a much-needed respite from the rapid price inflation seen around Europe. And yes, you just read gnome hunting.”

Lau also believes Poland will be an increasingly popular destination for travelers.

“Poland is an absolute treat for history buffs,” he said. “Plus, there’s a variety of activities for every type of traveler."
Istanbul, Turkey
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Trifari also sees more 2024 travelers visiting Istanbul, one of the world’s only transcontinental cities.

“It is partly in Europe and partly in Asia, giving the city a unique cultural mixture of East and West,” Trifari said. “Turkey has a lower cost of living than some of the places that surround it, making it an appealing and affordable destination to visit in 2024. As a central hub for air travel, it is easy to plan a layover there, too. Istanbul is a shopper’s paradise. It also has some of the best nightlife in the world. With so much history, you won’t want to miss this city next year.”
Costa Rica
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“Costa Rica will always have my heart after spending four months there,” said travel blogger Isabel Leong. “Renowned for its breathtaking biodiversity, this Central American gem offers an immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.”

She praised the country’s commitment to environmental conservation, evidenced by its extensive national parks and eco-friendly initiatives.

“Doing a road trip itinerary from the misty cloud forests of Monteverde to the pristine beaches of Tamarindo will provide you with a canvas for unforgettable experiences, including zip-lining through lush canopies, surfing along Pacific shores and encountering exotic wildlife,” Leong said. “The warmth of the Ticos, Costa Rica’s friendly locals, adds an authentic touch to every journey.”
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“Searches for long-haul Asia trips have rebounded substantially this year,” said Sarah Firshein, head of editorial at Tripadvisor. “The final remaining pandemic-related travel restrictions are gone, and one in every three Americans say they want to have an adventure. What better place to do that than Japan, where you can tuck into a 10-seat Michelin-starred sushi-ya in Tokyo or Osaka one minute, then journey to a tiny island brimming with world-class contemporary art the next?”

As travelers display an eagerness to spend their discretionary income on activities and experiences, she believes Japan will be a huge draw with its ancient temples, impressive food scene, diverse cultures and incredible art and architecture.
San Andres Island, Colombia
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“In 2024, San Andres Island emerges as a hidden gem destined for widespread acclaim among discerning travelers,” Leong said. “The island’s pristine white-sand beaches, such as Playa Spratt Bight, and crystal-clear turquoise waters create a postcard-perfect backdrop for relaxation and water-based adventures.”

In addition to its natural beauty, the island also boasts cuisine, music and festivals that reflect its unique blend of Colombian, English and African influences.
New Orleans, Louisiana
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“Smaller cities like New Orleans are stepping into the spotlight for 2024,” Vazquez said. “People returned to their favorite urban destinations after the pandemic, but today, travelers are ready for a more authentic, local experience in a city that can be enjoyed over a long weekend.”

The Big Easy is famous for its eclectic food scene (shout-out to Cajun delights like jambalaya and gumbo), amazing live music, interesting history and endless cultural festivals.
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“We’re seeing a rise in bucket-list interest for 2024 ― with travelers setting their sights on Asian destinations like Bhutan,” said Henley Vazquez, co-founder of Fora. “The mesmerizing Bhutan is a top pick for travelers looking for something different, with unbelievable adventure and spiritual pursuits.”

Nestled in the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a small country with strict rules for tourists aimed at prioritizing sustainability and cultural heritage. But those who make the trip describe it as unlike any other destination.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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“Paris hosting the Olympic games this summer will make other European destinations popular as non-ticket holders seek to avoid the crowds,” said Judy Gauthier, chief commercial officer at Go City. “I expect Amsterdam to emerge triumphant, given all this city has to offer by way of museums, architecture, culture and canal cruises. The city has an excellent assortment of artwork including Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum and Banksy at the Moco Museum.”

She pointed to the city’s beer scene as a refreshing alternative to French wine and famous maze of canals as a charming and picturesque substitute for the Seine.
Cape Verde
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“Cape Verde is a chain of 10 islands off the coast of West Africa,” said travel blogger Esther Susag. “I think that this destination is going to become more popular as people start discovering it. You have the vibes of a tropical paradise but also the beauty and landscapes for some amazing adventures and hikes. They have paragliding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and canyoning.”

She believes there’s something for everyone in Cape Verde, and the area will appeal to those looking for the “perfect tropical hidden gem.”
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“Nestled between Europe and Asia, Georgia is like a beautifully written book that keeps you hooked from start to finish,” Lau said. “Tbilisi, the capital, is a melting pot of cultures with its diverse architecture and winding, cobblestone streets. But the real charm of Georgia lies in its untouched nature ― think snow-capped peaks, verdant vineyards, and a stunning Black Sea coastline.”

This under-the-radar destination is due for a popularity boost next year.

“Georgia is home to some of the warmest and kindest hospitality, rich culture, and amazing food,” Susag echoed. “Also, all the wine lovers out there will love Georgia due to their major wine regions. Travelers are finding that Georgia has a variety of landscapes, making it the perfect destination for hiking and camping, but it also offers the relaxing escape you might be looking for in all of their spa resorts. There is truly something to enjoy for every kind of traveler.”
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“The allure of Switzerland is gaining prominence,” said Konrad Waliszewski, the CEO of @hotel, noting that his brand’s Switzerland account more than doubled in growth in 2023. “We recommend that people looking to visit the country in 2024 book soon before it gets too in demand and crowded.”

Breathtaking mountain views, gorgeous lakes, delicious fondue and an amazing art scene are just some of the experiences on offer across the “Playground of Europe.”
Bangkok, Thailand
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“In 2024, Bangkok is set to captivate an even greater number of globetrotters, emerging as an unparalleled travel destination that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity,” Leong said. “The vibrant city’s allure lies in its kaleidoscopic tapestry of experiences, where ancient temples stand in harmony with sleek skyscrapers, and bustling street markets coexist with luxurious shopping districts.”

World-famous landmarks, Michelin-starred restaurants, mouthwatering street food and opportunities for relaxation abound in Thailand’s capital.

“We’re seeing the ‘White Lotus’ effect around the world,” Vazquez added. “In 2023, our Sicily bookings skyrocketed due to the show’s popularity, and since Thailand is the chosen setting of Season 3, we know the country will surge. Plus, I’m closely eyeing the Aman Bangkok, which opens in 2024.”
Hanalei Bay, Hawaii
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“If you want to experience a glimpse of what Hawaii might have looked like before massive resorts dominated the landscape, head to Hanalei Bay on Kauai,” Whatley said. “The North Shore of Kauai is where you’ll find the Nā Pali Coast State Park and Kalalau Trail, famous for its iconic views.”

She recommended spending time in the town of Hanalei Bay ― “an adorable surf town with food trucks serving amazing poke bowls and a great beach for surfing, kayaking and boogie boarding” ― and enjoying the amazing local flavors on offer at Bar Acuda.
Sardinia, Italy
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“I almost don’t want to mention Sardinia because it’s such an undiscovered gem,” Cappel said. "'White Lotus’ may have sent droves of people to Sicily this year, but 2024 with be Sardinia’s time to shine. With stunning beaches, amazing food and a unique, proudly Sardinian culture, this island is the next Italian hotspot.”

She noted that Italian travelers flock to Sardinia for vacation, so the tourism infrastructure is great while still feeling very authentically Italian.

“Avoid Porto Cervo and head to Cagliari, Gala Gonone, and Bosa on the coast,” Cappel added. “Or for a more authentic experience, head inland to the famous blue zones of Nuoro and Ogliastra.”
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“Renowned for its lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and spiritual allure, Bali seamlessly weaves cultural richness into its tropical tapestry,” Leong said. “As the world increasingly seeks destinations that offer a harmonious blend of relaxation and adventure, Bali emerges as the ultimate haven.”

She praised the Indonesian island’s sunny shores, emerald rice terraces, local markets and traditional ceremonies. George also believes Indonesia will become more popular in 2024.

“Travel to Asia is back and increasing with both new and returning travelers,” he said. “All are seeking ‘new,’ exciting destinations, and Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, offers a huge diversity of experiences beyond Bali.”