This Eyelid Artwork Brings A Whole New Meaning To 'Cat Eye'

Georgia Ryland is the Monet of makeup.

Feline flicks and cat eyeliner have stood the test of time - from Cleopatra through 50s pin ups to Adele.

But makeup artist Georgia Ryland has just upped the cat eye game, by creating a quite literal (and stylishly ombré take on the phrase).

"I started with a pun. Cat liner," she wrote on Imgur. "Although ridiculously specialised and possibly the most useless application of my skill, I kept playing around."

Ryland also revealed how it takes a variety of products to create her intricate looks - part of a series titled 'Makeup For Ants' - including body paints, eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks.

Along with furry friends, the makeup artist also takes inspiration from iconic artists such as Monet.

Vincent Van Gogh.

And Katsushika Hokusai.

She's also showcased her own take on the cosmos.

And junk food, naturally.