People In China Are Hitting The Beach In 'Facekinis'

The most stylish way to block the sun.

In China, the facekini continues to gain popularity as a beachwear trend. Not only will you be mistaken for Spider-Man or a Mexican wrestler in beach-goers peripheral vision, but you’ll protect your face from the sun’s rays while you’re at it.

In all seriousness, it is a way for wearers to protect their skin from the the sun, as well as the chance of a jellyfish sting (on the face).

In 2015 Refinery29 spoke to a group of facekini wearers, about why they’ve embraced the trend.

“My favorite part of myself is my face, that’s why I wear facekini. I don’t want to get sunburn,” one woman shared.

All of the eight women interviewed said they felt confident on the beach.

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