30/10/2016 18:16 GMT | Updated 31/10/2016 10:24 GMT

Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam Shuts Down Racist With Hilarious Tweet

Well played, sir.

Sky News’s Political Editor, Faisal Islam, has spoken before about how he received some “incredibly nasty” messages after joining the broadcaster in the high-profile position two years.

Today appeared to be no different, but when the Manchester-born, Cambridge graduate was confronted with a bout of bigotry on Twitter, it must have been impossible not to reply.


The stylish riposte earned some well-deserved props. 

The tweet, inevitably, was deleted - as was the account of ‘Tommy Holland’.

Islam joined Sky News from Channel 4 News, where he was Economics Editor, replacing long-standing Political Editor, Adam Boulton.

In an interview with The Independent, he spoke of how he had been the victim of police racial profiling following 7/7, and how social media allowed to people to hurl abusive - with some not even bothering to hide behind an anonymous handle. He said:   

“I fully welcome viewers holding us to account but there’s also a lot of anger out there. It’s remarkable what people will say under their real names even on Facebook.”

 It’s not the first time he has confronted racists on Twitter.

At the time, he noted how the abuse returned during the EU referendum that delivered ‘Brexit’.