Karamo Brown Asks Fans If Well-Known Idioms Are Ableist: 'Falling On Deaf Ears'

The Queer Eye star has sparked a debate.

Would you say your argument is “falling on deaf ears” if no one is listening? Or how about asking someone you disagree with: “How can you be so blind?”

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown has sparked a debate about whether these idioms are ableist, asking fans on Twitter their thoughts.

He questioned the use of such phrases after a friend said “falling on deaf ears” in conversation with him. “I told them that I felt that ‘saying’ is inappropriate,” he wrote. “It seems disrespectful and rude to the deaf & HOH [hard of hearing] community. She said I was being over sensitive. Thoughts?”

Many said they think the phrase is outdated, with some even calling it offensive:

But others disagreed, saying: ‘It’s just a colloquialism.’

For some, appropriateness is all about the context:

Of course, you can avoid causing potential offence by using different words instead: