Family Fortunes Contestant Asked To Name ‘Something You Put In Your Mouth But Don’t Swallow’. Things Didn’t End Well

Definitely NOT family friendly.

Family Fortunes took an uncharacteristically un-family friendly turn on Sunday night when a contestant gave a very X-rated answer to one of the questions.

In what we think must be a first for the long-running game show, the answer was so rude that it had to be bleeped out.

Even host Gino d’Acampo was left speechless after he asked: “Name something you put in your mouth but don’t swallow?”

Kash was the first to hit the buzzer, but viewers weren’t able to hear her answer as it was bleeped out, cue a stunned Twitter speculating about what she actually said…

Funnily enough, Kash’s answer wasn’t on the board and received a big ‘UH-UHHHH’.

Kash’s faux pas comes just days after Countdown featured a rude word.

The Channel 4 quiz show helped raise a few smiles when this happened...

Channel 4

Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent corroborated the answer, revealing that a blowie is in fact a blow fly.

So, there you are, you filthy-minded lot.


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