Daddy's Gunge To Macaroni Soup – People Are Sharing Weird Family Meals They Had As Kids

"My family would eat cereal three hours after dinner and call it bed lunch" 🥣

There are plenty of things you think might be normal when you’re a kid only to realise at a later date they were actually just a product of your family’s weird habits, rules and traditions. And no, they’re really not legitimate adult fare.

But none more so than the food you ate: tinned macaroni cheese on toast, cereal for dinner or simply the leftover contents of the fridge presented as a legitimate meal – proving once and for all that tired and stressed parents really are the most innovative species on Earth.

Now one man has taken to Twitter to crowdsource all the weirdest family dining traditions we’ve kept secret all these years.

Other people started sharing their weird dinners they ate when they were growing up and were convinced were totally legit, until they weren’t.

‘Macaroni Soup’


‘Daddy’s Gunge’

‘Bed Lunch’

‘Daddy Noodles’

‘Texas Spaghetti’

‘Jigsaw Food’

‘Super Soup’

‘Sweet Milk’

‘Greg Slayers’

‘Not Shepherd’s Pie’

Various Cheese Treats

Other people were still confused about the food other families ate and considered ‘normal’.

And some people didn’t even have a problem with the food, it was the weird drinking rules that made more of an impact.

We’re glad we’re adults now (even if we still eat cereal for dinner).