Fearne Cotton And Mollie King Take On A Vintage Shopping Challenge In 'Fearne On Fashion'

'Cheap thrills and wild abandon' ensue.

Fearne Cotton teamed up with The Saturdays’ Mollie King to undertake a vintage shopping challenge for episode six of ‘Fearne On Fashion’.

Cotton wanted to put the expertise she’d gleaned from ‘The Vintage King’ William Banks-Blaney into practice, so she and King set out with £100 and 10 minutes to find each other an outfit at Blitz, Europe’s largest vintage store.

“This is not like designer shopping when you’re like: ‘oh I really want it but I should be feeding my children’, this is like: ‘Bargains!’” explains a very excited Cotton.

James Grant

Watch the video above to see the “cheap thrills and wild abandon” ensue, as Cotton discovers the cat leggings of her dreams and a skirt that could be Dolly Parton’s cast off.

Fearne Cotton has delved behind the scenes of the fashion industry for a revealing new video series premiering on The Huffington Post UK Style. In the 10-part ‘Fearne On Fashion’ series Cotton shares an eye-opening insight into the chaos of Fashion Week, the virtues of vintage and what drives us to buy the latest high street trends in droves.

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