Fearne Cotton Learns The Secret To Dressing Like A Parisian In 'Fearne On Fashion'

'We are not trying to reach perfection.'

Fearne Cotton experienced the “street style pandemonium” and “fashion carnage” of Paris for episode seven of her video series ‘Fearne On Fashion’.

Cotton visited the “fashion capital of the world” in an episode airing just ahead of Paris ready-to-wear fashion week running from 28 February to 7 March.

She met Alexandra Golovanoff – a French fashion journalist who has been leading her own fashion TV channel for over a decade, launched her own cashmere label in 2016 and is a regular on the FROW of every prestigious Paris Fashion Week show.

James Grant

Golovanoff shared the secret to dressing like a Parisian and it was music to Cotton’s ears.

“We’re not trying to reach perfection,” she explained. “We don’t care if the nails are a bit...

To which Cotton gllefully replied: “Mine are horrendous! I’m very Parisian in that way.”

Golovanoff added: “Everything should be natural, but a little bit better than natural. It’s effortless.

“You can have one very big thing: a diamond or a fur coat. But you have only one thing. Not the bag plus the fur.”

Fearne Cotton has delved behind the scenes of the fashion industry for a revealing new video series premiering on The Huffington Post UK Style. In the 10-part ‘Fearne On Fashion’ series Cotton shares an eye-opening insight into the chaos of Fashion Week, the virtues of vintage and what drives us to buy the latest high street trends in droves.

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