27/05/2018 15:30 BST

Ireland Abortion Referendum: Feminist Fashion Hammers Home The Message - Yes! Tá! Repeal!

'Repeal the f**king 8th.'

Reuters/ Getty/ Sara Nelson

The landslide victory for the ‘Yes’ campaign marked a monumental moment in Ireland’s history and most importantly - for women.

As people went to the polls to cast their votes in the abortion referendum on Friday, and waited for the result on Saturday - many did so displaying badass feminist style.

Here’s our pick of the best that summed up the outcome - a resounding ‘Yes’.

1) This style queen celebrating the result

We love her ‘Repealed’ hat and outfit co-ordination.

Max Rossi / Reuters
Lady in red

2) This WONDER-ful denim jacket

Gal Gadot would be proud.

Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters
Wonder Woman

3) This bag

Message totes says it all.

4) This tee 🖕🏻

Another item that gets straight to the point.

5) This embellished jumper


6) More DIY fashion

This dress “takes the biscuit”.

7) The trademark ‘REPEAL’ sweaters

This group of ‘Yes’ voters absolutely rocked them.

8) This personalised tee with the classic ‘Repeal’ necklace

Looks like Louise only wants to be friendly with ‘Yes’ voters 🔥

Max Rossi / Reuters
'I've voted yes, have you?'

9) This breastfeeding mumma rocking a ‘Yes’ tee

Absolute babe 🤱🏻

10) And this pregnant mum-to-be wearing a ‘Tá’ top

‘This is the future.’

11) And we couldn’t leave out this ‘Yes’ ‘castcosy’ 

I think we can guess how she cast her vote... And there’s those ‘Repeal’ necklaces again.