Is Fenty Beauty Cruelty Free? And Other Things You Might Be Wondering About The Brand


The launch of Fenty Beauty took place on the last day of London Fashion Week (19 September), at an incredible event hosted by Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.

The collection includes foundations, concealers, highlighters and lip glosses suitable for every skin tone. Something for which we’re all grateful.

One thing’s for sure, Fenty Beauty has already made quite the splash. But fans have a few burning questions, which we’ve answered below.

Is It Cruelty Free?

Yes! Fenty Beauty is absolutely cruelty free, according to Pop Sugar.

Where Can I Buy Fenty Beauty?

Fenty Beauty ships internationally from and can be found online and in all Harvey Nichols stores in the UK.

Check out Rihanna’s own words in a speech she gave at the launch: “I want to give thanks to Harvey Nichols for being such a number one supporter of the brand... I’ve shopped here many times before, so it’s full circle that we’re here and launching the brand with you guys in the UK.”

What Do Beauty Experts Make Of Fenty Beauty?

Those in the know are obsessed with Fenty Beauty. The shimmering highlighter called Killawatt is like nectar to YouTube stars and beauty bloggers.

Digital influencer Breeny Lee told HuffPost: “Not only does Fenty Beauty offer diversity in shades but also diversity in undertones, which is extremely important when it comes to foundations. Fenty Beauty has brought back a much needed fun-factor to makeup, which is why we beauty gurus are totally loving it.”

Will It Suit My Skin tone?

Unless you’ve been summering on Mars, you should know that the brand’s general dope-ness is the number one thing most talked about on the internet. A huge part of that likability-factor is how extensively inclusive it is. 40 shades, people. 40.

So, as team Fenty has said: “we got you.”

What Is Fenty?

Fenty is Rihanna’s surname. In fact, her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. So when you pop to Harvey Nicks and emerge with a bag full of products, just think about who (not what) created it.

Miss Fenty, we thank you.

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