This Is The Actual Number Of Fish Fingers That Is Considered A 'Portion'

Birds Eye have had to weigh in on the internet debate.
Answers varied from two to ten...
ClarkandCompany via Getty Images
Answers varied from two to ten...

Fish fingers are a staple for many of us across the UK but conflict has broken out over how many you should be eating at a time.

A Mumsnet thread raised the question of exactly how many fish fingers adults should be eating for their lunch or dinner.

The thread started by user, Boooooot, asked, ‘What’s an adult size portion of fish fingers??’ on Thursday evening and there has now been been 819 comments to date, with answers ranging from adults eating two to 10 fish fingers per sitting (or in our case, the entire pack after a night out).

One fish finger fan commented “I would have said two was enough!” – sparking a flurry of comments that that’s way too few.

“Two? Two fish fingers for a full-sized human being?! I’d laugh if someone gave me two fish fingers!” wrote one Mumsnet user, whilst another fan explained that they serve up “6-8 in our house, teenagers and adults. With peas or baked beans (and sometimes mash). Or 4 in a sandwich (with cucumber and brown sauce). We’re all a healthy weight but 3 or 4 wouldn’t touch the sides!”.

There has now been such a divide in answers that Birds Eye themselves have weighed in on the debate – and if you’re up at the higher end of the scale, prepare to be disappointed.

“The recommended adult-size portion for their standard Fish Fingers is four fingers. For those wanting to opt for something a bit more hearty, Birds Eye recommends two of their Chunky Fish Fingers for an adult-size portion,” the frozen food retailer shared.

They also stressed that: “Children’s nutritional needs differ to those of adults, so smaller portion sizes might be more appropriate. Remember, it’s recommended that a healthy, balanced diet should include at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish.”