This 5-Minute Morning Workout Will Help You Seize The Day

Kickstart your morning with this energising routine that's over before you know it.

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Start the day as you mean to go on. Whether you’ve got a big work project you need attack, or a date you want to feel confident for, establishing an empowering morning routine can set you off with a bang.

To help, we asked Krissy Cela, who’s co-founder and lead trainer of the female-focused fitness app Tone & Sculpt, to create a swift, five-minute morning workout.

The app’s ethos is all about empowering women to be strong go-getters – and Cela says this workout is a great place to start. “This five-minute express workout will get you feeling energised, powerful and ready to seize the day,” she says.

Give this a go, followed by an energising breakfast, and you’ll be ready to rule the world.

5 Exercises: 40 Seconds On/ 20 Seconds Rest

  1. High knees

  2. Alternating jumping lunges

  3. Jumping all around the worlds

  4. Ski jumps

  5. Burpees

Tone & Sculpt

1. High Knees

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift ip your left knee to your chest.

  • Alternate and lift your right knee to your chest.

  • Continue this movement, alternating legs and moving at a fast pace.

2. Alternating Jumping Lunges

Tone & Sculpt
  • To begin, start standing tall with your feed staggered, your left foot slightly in front of your right.

  • With your core engaged, push off the bottom of both feet into a jump, switching the position of your feet midair, landing in a basic lunge position with your right leg in front and on the ball of your foot behind you. Continue to alternate with each jump.

3. Jumping All Around The Worlds

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Start by doing a regular squat, then engage your core and jump up explosively, twist your body around by a quarter way.

  • Lower your body back into squat position and jump explosively by repeating the movement until you face forwards.

  • Repeat the movement, four jumps to complete the circle = four reps

4. Ski Jumps

  • Start in a curtsey lunge position, placing one foot behind and across the other, knee bent as if you are about to curtsey.

  • Keeping your front knee in line with your foot, facing forward, core engaged, take the back foot and jump across to the other side. At the same time, take the front foot back into a curtsy lunge.

  • The movement resembles the skiing motion; repeat from side to side with little rest in between repetitions. You can use alternate hands to touch the floor for balance as you jump side to side.

5. Burpee

  • Crouch down and out your hands flat on the ground.

  • Jump your feet back to a push up position.

  • Jump your feet back to the starting position and then jump with your hands in the air.

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