05/10/2016 13:00 BST

You Can Now Buy These Flower Jelly Lip Balms From ASOS

Cute overload 🌸💄

The stunning flower jelly lipsticks that caused the internet to lose its collective mind are now available to buy on ASOS.

For £20, you can purchase a set of three tinted lip balms with super-cute tiny flowers inside, created by American brand Winky Lux.

The lip balms, which come in a gold cosmetics case, go on clear but quickly change to different pink hues, depending on the pH of your skin.

A fluorescein-based dye adjusts the colour within 60 seconds to what is supposedly your most flattering colour. Kind of like a mood ring, but for your lips!

Check the Winky Lux Flower pH Balm Set in all its glory below:

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